Black Family Month Traditions

Tradition is a beautiful ideology that strengthens the family bond. It allows us to cherish valuable memories created with our love ones year after year. Every year my family and I would wake up before sunrise and jump into the station wagon and be on our way, from Chicago to Kansas City, Missouri, to visit our family. The regulars on these road trips (that sometimes included an extra trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma) were my grandmother, my aunt, my brother and me. From as earliest as I can remember, which was around the age of 5, our summer family tradition was to hit the road! Overtime this tradition turned into a well‐organized family reunion which consequently takes place yearly in the month of July, Black Family Month.


Black Family Month

The month of July is a time to reconnect with our families and dedicate our time to them. This month-long celebration was founded by Shaun McLaughlin in 2006 after she closely observed how in July families spent more time together attending family related events. Black Family Month right away initiated a spark in New York and soon spread to other parts of the US. She envisioned Black Family Month being about more than family events but also a time for supporting each other and helping those in need. Thanks to McLaughlin, we are reminded to pause to commemorate the relation, commitment and tradition of black families. We should take this time to support and help each other and to bring positive change and development. This is a time to celebrate the growing relations and connections, like spring celebrates the blooming blossoms.


Traditions and their Meaning for You

Do you believe in and follow traditions? Do you value them? The world has become a global village where we have gained knowledge not only about our own local traditions but also about traditions around the world. We need to embrace change and development but we have to keep track of our old traditions and value them to revive our heritage and show commitment to our people. Please comment below and share your family tradition with us. Also, check back with for more discussion about Black Family Month, traditions and more.


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