About Watoto Whiz


Watoto Whiz is committed to expanding the learning of our youth through engaging and challenging educational activities that include key components regarding African American History & Culture.


The company was launched out of a need to provide youths a vehicle to expand educationally and grow culturally. Watoto means “children” in Swahili and Whiz represents the genius in every child.

While homeschooling our daughter, we were looking for ways to provide her with a hands-on learning experience that represented who she is.  Through her early learning years, we wanted to teach her not only about the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) but to instill in her cultural pride. We wanted her to know who she is… A Watoto Whiz Kid!


Based on discussion and interaction with others, many of our family and friends were looking for the same thing for their whiz kids.  What started as a way to encourage our daughter has turned into a program that is encouraging whiz kids across the country.


Watoto Whiz’s educational content is developed with a direct connection to African American History and Culture.  We work to share with our Watoto Whiz members information based on a monthly theme that promotes cultural pride and makes learning fun and engaging!


Our goals:

  • Provide a solid educational foundation for our youth

  • Increase interest in learning about African American history

  • Build and maintain self-pride and confidence

  • Bring out the best in our youth

  • Create engaging and culturally relevant content

We are passionate parents and very proud of the creation of Watoto Whiz!  Join today and help your whiz kid reach their true potential.

Watoto Whiz Team,

Horace, Lisa and Amali


Watoto Whiz

Phone: 888-384-3022

Email: info@watotowhiz.com

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