Effect of poetry on the African American community

The effect of poetry on the African American community is reflective of the remarkable achievements by black leaders, inventors, scholars, athletes, musicians and other performing artists who have been inspired by the works of great African American poets. To recall the likes of writers including Langston Hughes, W.E.B. DuBois, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, James Weldon […]

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Explore The World of Poetry

Poetry has been around many of us since our early years. I am sure you can complete the end to Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. You might be able to recall the words to the masterpiece you wrote for that 3rd-grade poetry contest. The sounds of poetry have moved and continue to move us […]

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Poetry in Classrooms

Poetry has always been a language for people to express their deepest thoughts, ideas and perspectives. With the use of rhyme and rhythm, everything from beauty of nature to serious social issues can be addressed and talked about. However, in this education landscape that is dramatically deemphasizing this creative expression, non-literary texts and expository writing […]

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